neoswiftie: So... I'm gonna be at work when all the "release" madness starts :( feel free to update the Fearless (Taylor's version) thread P-) Apr 8, 2021 17:17:19 GMT -5
davepastern: the new songs are up on YouTube and boy are they good! Apr 8, 2021 23:30:02 GMT -5
neoswiftie: posted the link to the playlist here, thanks Dave! Grrrr, late for work... will update when I get back :-S Apr 9, 2021 0:32:13 GMT -5
davepastern: haven't ripped or listened to the CD yet, but have listened to all the new songs on Taylor's YouTube channel, and some of the original songs from the Fearless album Apr 9, 2021 5:39:23 GMT -5
davepastern: very impressed, the original songs that I've heard so far retain nearly everything of the original songs, except Taylor's voice is more matured and controlled Apr 9, 2021 5:39:50 GMT -5
davepastern: I'm hoping the new owners of Taylor's old album masters see their "investment" depreciate a helluva lot lol Apr 9, 2021 5:40:58 GMT -5
davepastern: Scott Borchetta will be forever an asswipe in my eyes Apr 9, 2021 5:41:14 GMT -5
tslover: Scott still gets money from her old songs right? Apr 9, 2021 8:37:28 GMT -5
texasswiftiemike: Whoever now owns the original masters gets money. I am sure Scott & Scooter found a way to keep getting money too. Apr 9, 2021 8:47:57 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Scott en Scooter do not get anything from the re-released songs/albums, they only get money from streams of the old material not the new + Taylor can now use those songs for commercials/movies/tv-series/... tsdivine Apr 9, 2021 9:12:34 GMT -5
neoswiftie: The new owners/investors have gambled and lost... sad that Scooter was able to sell them, he's a sick SOB! Apr 9, 2021 9:13:57 GMT -5 *
texasswiftiemike: I just hope Scott at least maybe even Scooter get some kind of Karma for doing what they did to Taylor. Probably not unfortunately, except that every Swiftie in the world hates them. x-hunter2 Apr 9, 2021 9:31:39 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Karma is real, I wouldn't be surprised if they get what they deserve, Scooter ain't a mastermind, just been lucky like Scott... The music industry will have to reinvent themselves once again, Covid has changed the "money" game forever! Apr 9, 2021 9:40:00 GMT -5
davepastern: yeah, neo is right - Scott & Scooter get ZERO from the re-released albums Apr 9, 2021 9:58:08 GMT -5
neoswiftie: I know I should be updating... but I'm gonna enjoy listening to Fearless a few times more first tsdance Apr 9, 2021 13:51:00 GMT -5
neoswiftie: sorry for spamming the screencaps, but "I can't help myself"... and to be honest blame Taylor, she's the one that released 27 lyric videos at once!!! Apr 10, 2021 18:53:45 GMT -5
neoswiftie: 2AM gonna stop for now, more screencaps will follow x-annoy Apr 10, 2021 18:54:50 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Fearless "limited edition" Merchandise restock (24hours) Apr 14, 2021 18:10:22 GMT -5 *
neoswiftie: Apr 15, 2021 18:50:32 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Yep twitter is down, but we're still around, time to create an account here tsok Apr 16, 2021 19:21:01 GMT -5