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neoswiftie: I'm not as active on twitter as before... may go back when Taylor goes back into a more public life... no Taylor news means no need to go on twitter. Jan 9, 2018 12:56:39 GMT -5
davepastern: sorry, just not a fan of social media. It's ruining society imho. Jan 10, 2018 10:25:10 GMT -5
neoswiftie: society is already ruined x-annoy I still use it to vote x-friends Jan 10, 2018 13:57:30 GMT -5 *
simalary: yeah, TSL does not like outside links. I posted an announcement to the ...Ready For It? BloodPop remix video and got a warning. Jan 10, 2018 14:57:22 GMT -5
neoswiftie: yeah clickable links are a big Nono on TSL, but even non clickable links in the comments are getting warnings... on the other hand they allowed the link to a file in google documents that contained illegal copyrighted material :( Jan 10, 2018 19:59:17 GMT -5
neoswiftie: I would have reported it... if they hadn't given me a warning, but if a link to the best moderated forum in history isn't allowed, they must be convinced that their moderating is better, wouldn't want to burst that bubble (rofl) Jan 10, 2018 20:01:28 GMT -5 *
neoswiftie: I really really need to sleep more tsyes Jan 10, 2018 20:22:36 GMT -5
neoswiftie: yep 4am... guess who's still up tswow Jan 10, 2018 21:54:48 GMT -5
neoswiftie: If I'm right the release of the End Game video is in 9 hours tsexcited tswink Jan 11, 2018 15:09:27 GMT -5 *
neoswiftie: Woohooo End Game tsheey Jan 12, 2018 9:59:09 GMT -5
13swiftie13ds: Really should watch some of these new videos.........I think I've only seen the LWYMMD lyric one when reputation was first announced x-Dan Jan 13, 2018 13:03:09 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Dan are you serious? YOU ARE GONNA BE BLOWN AWAY!!! tsyes Jan 13, 2018 15:14:30 GMT -5
13swiftie13ds: Totally serious Neo tsyes Jan 13, 2018 21:11:40 GMT -5
davepastern: The Ready for it... video was good (but I loved Ghost in the Shell so that was gonna always be a given lol), not really a fan of End Game (the song or video). Sorry, but it's my least favourite song on Reputation, and joins the ranks of a few other songs Jan 14, 2018 8:42:01 GMT -5
davepastern: that I dislike (should've said no, better than revenge, holy ground, and style). Jan 14, 2018 8:42:32 GMT -5
neoswiftie: no need to be sorry, wasn't my favorite song on reputation either, but I do love the video, especially the London sequence tswink Jan 14, 2018 8:45:13 GMT -5
neoswiftie: lol gonna need to brighten that gif, 20 frames in photoshop, will do that tomorrow :)) Jan 14, 2018 8:46:35 GMT -5
13swiftie13ds: Under a winter storm warning here x-woot Looking at a good 4-6 inches lol! Jan 15, 2018 0:00:28 GMT -5
neoswiftie: x-welcome Aly swifte excitets Jan 15, 2018 14:04:03 GMT -5
StarlightDreamer: Hi, does anyone here use Jan 16, 2018 3:33:53 GMT -5
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