Taylor mentioned in Ed's book


davepastern: and broken halos has far more of the traditional country twang to it than Taylor's better man does, which is more acoustic than country imho. Taylor needs to have more slide guitar in her country songs, and more country twang to them too... Feb 1, 2018 10:57:11 GMT -5
davepastern: I don't know any other than yourself who is saying good things about TSL...the whole Taylor sub reddit is pretty much calling it crap...and I'm inclined to agree based on the horror stories that I've heard... Feb 1, 2018 10:58:18 GMT -5
davepastern: but, I'm not really a swiftie anymore, haven't been for a few years now. I love Taylor's music, but that's where it stops. I don't really care about Taylor as a person or the fandom in general, or Taylor's social life/news/media Feb 1, 2018 10:59:13 GMT -5
davepastern: I just like her music Feb 1, 2018 10:59:17 GMT -5
davepastern: and since I listen to a massive range of music, I'm not only focused on Taylor's music to the point where I listen to nothing else. I think that's unhealthy (been there, done that in the past). i've been listening to OMD, Bruce Springsteen, Lorde... Feb 1, 2018 11:00:47 GMT -5
davepastern: choirboys, Grace Vanderwaal, some classical music, even some opera (Der Ring des Nibelungen - Wagner's magnificent ring cycle opera). Feb 1, 2018 11:02:45 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Lol no need to say sorry Dave, this is a forum, if we all agree on everything we wouldn't have much to say x-friends Feb 1, 2018 13:23:43 GMT -5
neoswiftie: For me it's slightly different, I fell for Taylor's music, but I have to admit, I became a devoted swiftie for her personality and for her as a person in general, never been a fan of anyone before, must mean I really really like her x-hii Feb 1, 2018 13:27:13 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Thing is I've always been that gentle giant (lol I'm not that tall), it's just no one ever messed with me or bullied me, some tried but failed miserably, I see a lot of me in Taylor, although she's a bit more successful in life than me :D Feb 1, 2018 13:32:02 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Like you I listen to every kind of music, except classical music, I'm too unrestful for that, maybe when I'm older P-) Taylor tells a story through her music and that's what's appealing to me... that's what makes her stand out above 'the others' :-S Feb 1, 2018 13:39:57 GMT -5
neoswiftie: TSL has some serious issues... biggest issue is that children and teenagers are in the same space as the older fans... It's basicly like it was on Taylor Connect, we all have an opinion but some of us know when to 'not respond' Feb 1, 2018 13:44:11 GMT -5
neoswiftie: TSL can be saved, if the developers just listened to the right people, yep I'm talking about myself (rofl) Feb 1, 2018 13:45:14 GMT -5
davepastern: classical music can be very relaxing - one of my fave pieces is Antal Dorati conducting Stravinsky's Firebird suite. Simply amazing performance. TSL is designed for users to get Taylor's attention...that doesn't bode well imho Feb 2, 2018 0:36:25 GMT -5
neoswiftie: She's alive and happy, video of Taylor on TSL, I can't record/rip it on my Phone... maybe someone else can, I'll post it here as soon as possible x-friends Feb 5, 2018 17:05:37 GMT -5
neoswiftie: video is now here online tshot! Feb 5, 2018 18:23:22 GMT -5
theedad: Neo do you have this? . Eyes Open performance . twitter.com/twitter/statuses/962774745279356928 Feb 11, 2018 22:07:48 GMT -5
neoswiftie: Yep that's from VH1 storytellers show (2012)... the full show Palladia version x-hii Feb 12, 2018 2:02:25 GMT -5
davepastern: I have the VH1 full performance too - was able to rip the audio track from the video source too, but had to manually define start and end points with a cue/bin file. Volume is low though, couldn't get the volume higher through the audio ripping process Feb 15, 2018 11:01:19 GMT -5
davepastern: awesome performance though!!! Feb 15, 2018 11:01:54 GMT -5
neoswiftie: x-welcome Andre tssmile Feb 18, 2018 5:21:53 GMT -5
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